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Passion and
Professional Knowledge

DIR Anti-Infrared Process

  • High efficiency obstruct Infrared.

  • Customize to any color & shape.

iNMYES brings the revolution for anti-infrared lenses

Break through the limitations of color & light transmission.

Effectively isolates the eye irritation from thermal radiation.

The anti-infrared lens helps the eyes to focus and maintenance the comfort under high temperatures environment or long irradiation under the sun. Such as  athlete, and engineers typically needs for protecting eyes health.


Blue Block Technology

  • Absorb blue light to prevent eyes damage.

  • Customize Blue-Block transmittance.

  • Diverse spections choose can feet your design.

iNMYES® Blue Block Technology using the optical wave design and patent polymer material to create durable quality and low color cast lenses.


We provide customize Blue-Block lenses from 15%~100% to conform your needs and improve the protection performance for your products to create additional value.


​HDX Colorful Your Vision

  • Highly customized functions.

  • Diverse spections choose can feet your design.

  • Professional athlete assistance for Golf, Bike, Ski etc..

iNMYES® provide develop project of various colors and different uses to enhance differentiated advantages of your glasses. Our patent functions give remarkable feature making glasses-wearing much more than just accessory but also increase your experience of sport. We use our advantage to help our customers protecting their eyes with fashionable styles. Giving them colorful vision and charmful looks.


VLC Low Rainbow Effect

Blue Block Technology

  • Low rainbow effect

  • High transmittance and clear vision.

iNMYES® create an unique VLC hard-coating process to control the refractive index of base material and coating layer at the approximative level.

VLC Coating can substantially reduce the rainbow effect.

Make the lenses more clear and show the pure color. 

VLC W.jpg

Unparalleled Safety

  • Impact-resistant.

  • High transmittance and clear vision.

iNMYES® lenses are made of impact-resistant component materials. Unique process create high impact strength pass the drop ball test, Safety eyewear standard and Military standard. Ensuring the quality and safety of the lenses and user.


Nano Hydrophobic Coating

  • 50% harder surface.

  • less maintain.

  • Colorfulness perform.

iNMYES® Nano Hydrophobic Coating focus on improve the lenses surface durability and maintenance. Our research team create an unique component increase 50% harder surface of  color and hydrophobic layer and much more stabilize to keep attach even under impact. It perform the ability to stand under the off-road use and sea water test. Making the lenses more easy and less worry to maintain.


Washable Anti-Fog Coating

  • Multiple wash durability.

  • Quick fog exclude effect.

iNMYES® Washable Anti-Fog Coating can stand multiple time rain or water wash and keep the Anti-Fog function.​

With our improve coating process the Anti-Fog layer evenly coated on the lenses surface and create the clear vision to help the user has a better view from the steam of breath or heat exchange.

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